Monday, June 8, 2009

Peg & Awl

The great Toby Liebowitz had an opening for her project Peg & Awl at Cairo gallery in Seattle on May 29th.

Peg & Awl is the story of the rise and fall a Depression-era utopian community in Washington state, told through a series of black-and-white pencil illustrations. Toby's utopian community is fictional, but based on similar groups which abounded around the United States, especially in the Pacific Northwest, in the years following Roosevelt's New Deal. During the early 1930s, the WPA directly supported many of them and their pursuit of egalitarian agricultural production and communal lifestyles.

The show is lovely, and a lot of people turned up for the first night. (These pictures are from Cairo's flickr.)

We wove daisy chains for our hair and Feather & Folly played some songs on the street outside.

Max Liebowitz and Sean Pecknold collaborated with Toby on this sound installation nook in the back room. Six of us managed to squeeze in there. It was cozy. And smelled good.

This is not it for Peg & Awl...stay tuned, because something extra-special is in the works. There will be another announcement soon!

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